We are an independent standards body that oversees and supervises the development of JSB FINANCE – a decentralized public blockchain. The core focus of the JSB Foundation is to accelerate the adoption of JSB FINANCE and to empower integration and execution, allowing for rapid track value creation for inclusive and equitable growth – for both the few and many people. As the legal custodian of the protocol and custodian of the JSB FINANCE brand, the organization works to promote viable use cases and partnerships, growing the broader blockchain community shaping laws and commercial standards and ensuring accountability of stakeholders. We are caregivers of the JSB FINANCE ecosystem and its community advocates. To fulfill these critical roles to the highest standards – and to ensure we maintain decentralization, autonomy, and objectivity – we have our own Board of Directors and a diverse, global team. .

JSB Foundation

Components in the JSB finance ecology

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Components in the JSB finance ecology

  • The most popular protocol in this ecosystem is JST Bank, which automatically moves users' funds between Defi lending protocols such as JUST, Zethyr Finance, and Bank in Trx to maximize APY.

    JST Bank

  • JSBtrade is a decentralized exchange in the form of binary options. Allows traders to analyze and predict trends, choosing cryptocurrencies to increase or decrease according to the fluctuations of financial markets and to profit you if your choices are correct.

    JSB trade

  • JSBswap is an automated liquidity protocol powered by a constant product formulation and implemented in a system of non-upgradable smart contracts on the TRON blockchain. It eliminates the need for trusted intermediaries, prioritized decentralization, anti-censorship and security.

    JSB swap

  • JSB Card, a cryptocurrency debit card provided by JSB Finance, is likely to enter the European-American market soon. This is thanks to the latest partnership that enables parties to unlock deposits in USD for local users.

    JSB Card

  • The amount of cryptocurrencies deposited into pools in the JST bank from platform users will be partially automatically transferred to the JSBborrow protocol in the JSB Finance ecosystem to become a credit warehouse for lending through smart contracts.


  • This protocol will automatically detect liquidity shortages in liquidity pools and will automatically use fast loans on Tron's defi lending protocols such as Zethyr Finance, JUST through automated and integrated algorithms. smart coin for timely liquidity processing for liquidity pools in case of a shortage.

    JSB liquidate

  • JSBnetworks: is an important component in the JSB Financial ecosystem. JSBnetworks helps maintain information and interactions between the platforms in the ecosystem, and interacts with and connects with other Defi ecosystems to form a sustainable ecosystem.

    JSB networks

  • JSBleverage: Create X5 leverage between stablecoins.JSB Finance has also provided a "Deposit Dashboard" to make it easy for users to bet and cancel their positions on any of JSB Finance's liquidity groups. It is called JSBgov

    JSBleverage & JSBgov


    JSBswap is a new ecosystem whose main objective is to facilitate financial transactions and offer lower fees for businesses.
    JSBswap provides these services within the TRON blockchain, and then extend to other blockchains through wrapping coins into TRC20 tokens. This focuses more on explaining the services the platform will provide and less on the technical aspects that allow the ecosystem to provide complex services as x2 high-speed cross-chain wrapping and time-released payments.

JSB Foundation is a blockchain and cryptocurrency organization based on platform with advantages from Tron’s protocol. The Foundation’s core mission is to “standardise, protect and promote” the JSB Protocol technology.

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