JSB now is on P2PB2B and coming soon on other exchanges in November

JSB Finance is the decentralized financial ecosystem with the core values coming from: Cross-chain technology, TRON’s protocol as well as Stablecoin USJ. During the last period of time, we have received a lot of attention and support from the community. This is the driving force for us to make an effort to develop our ecosystem.


In coming up days, JSB will be continue listed on the following exchanges:

On 06.11.2020, JSB token will be available on Latoken exchange For more information, you can click from this site.


JSB will be available soon on Coinsbit exchange in November. For more information, you can click from this site.


In November, JSB will also be listed on Finexbox exchange For more information, you can click from this site.


Keep following us to get the latest information as well as take advantage of the great opportunities that JSB brings out. Once again thank you for all supporting.

JSB Foundation is a blockchain and cryptocurrency organization based on platform with advantages from Tron’s protocol. The Foundation’s core mission is to “standardise, protect and promote” the JSB Protocol technology.

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