SCAM ALERT!!! Clone of our Smart Contract!

Just few day before our Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is officially launched on P2PB2B, we have to to warn you to protect yourselves from a scams!

Thanks to our growing community on Telegram, we have found that last day a clone of our smart contract has appeared. Scammers use this technique to mislead people and exploit them.

We have been notified recently that a group has been conducting a scam activity. They have been contacting our Telegram Channel’s members requesting TRX. They even use our pictures and personal info to make their profiles look and feel more credible.

This flatter us of course. It’s great to know that the hype around our Initial Exchange Offering has touched the scammy mind of somebody outthere.

Nevertheless, first off, we have to state, that the one and only JSB token has this address:

Smart contract:

You can immediately convert the TRX to JSB at JSB’s justswap pool at smartcontract:

Secondly, anyone who is offering you participation in any token sale directly (without your consent and inquiry), or texting you directly on our behalf asking you to send BTC, ETH or any other cryptocurrency or fiat is scamming you! Our team WILL NEVER text you first. We can direct message you or provide you with additional information only on request.

JSB Foundation is a blockchain and cryptocurrency organization based on platform with advantages from Tron’s protocol. The Foundation’s core mission is to “standardise, protect and promote” the JSB Protocol technology.

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